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Welcome to "We Are Topians," a unique assembly of 10,000 digital collectibles living on the blockchain. Each Topian NFT is more than a digital avatar; it's a key to our community.

Please Note:

By engaging with "We Are Topians," you agree to resolve any disputes with "Kiwi Labs" through individual arbitration, not court proceedings unless your local laws state otherwise.

1. Your Ownership

Your Topian NFT:

If you possess a Topian NFT in your digital wallet, it's yours to trade, sell, or hold. Kiwi Labs cannot and will not interfere with your ownership.

Topian Art Rights:

While Kiwi Labs retains ownership over the Topian Art, as an NFT holder, you're licensed to use the art connected to your NFT.

Your Creations:

Any new artwork you create based on your Topian (a "Derivative Work") is yours, but we still own the original Topian Art.

2. Your License to Use Topian Art

As a Topian NFT holder, you're granted a broad license to use, display, and build upon the Topian Art. However, you can't claim rights to any Topian trademarks or imply any endorsement by Kiwi Labs.

3. Using Topian Art

You may showcase your Topian Art, but remember to credit "We Are Topians" and Kiwi Labs as the original creators. Your derivative works should respect our community guidelines and not infringe on anyone's rights or promote hate.

4. Transferring Your NFT

When you pass on your Topian NFT to someone else, your license to use the Topian Art ends. You must stop using the art in any commercial way unless you get permission from the new owner.

5. Representations and Warranties

By engaging with "We Are Topians," you confirm that you're legally allowed to do so and will respect the terms laid out here, along with all relevant laws.

6. No Warranty

We provide "We Are Topians" as is, without any guarantees. We're not responsible for losses or issues arising from blockchain or network problems.

7. Assumption of Risk

Understand that engaging with digital assets like NFTs comes with risks. Kiwi Labs isn't responsible for the value of your Topian NFT or any tax obligations you might have from buying or selling one.

8. Indemnification

If your use of "We Are Topians" leads to legal action against Kiwi Labs, you agree to cover any damages and legal fees that arise from your actions.

9. Limitation of Liability

Kiwi Labs isn't liable for indirect damages related to these terms or the use of Topian NFTs. Our total liability won't exceed the amount you paid for your Topian NFT.

10. Dispute Resolution

Any dispute relating to "We Are Topians" will be handled through individual arbitration, except for matters that can be taken to small claims court or involve intellectual property infringement.

11. Changes to the Terms

Kiwi Labs can update these terms at any time. We'll let you know about significant changes, but it's also up to you to stay informed by checking in periodically.

12. Governing Law

These terms are governed by the laws of the jurisdiction where Kiwi Labs is located, and any disputes will be resolved there, too.

13. General Provisions

These terms represent our entire agreement with you concerning "We Are Topians." They don't create any partnership or agency relationship. Only written amendments signed by us count. No delay in enforcing a term is considered a waiver.

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