🪂Earnings & Distribution

Our distribution system is structured to reward Topian holders in a straightforward manner.

  1. Earning Functions:

    • 80% of the revenue generated from our Minecraft server is converted to $TOPIA and is airdropped straight to Topian holders. The other 20% of revenue goes directly to our partner, Star Creations, for hosting and maintenance fees.

    • Any AdSense revenue generated from our social content efforts will be directed into a community wallet and reinvested into partnerships or marketing opportunities through a community governance vote.

  2. $TOPIA Conversion:

    • All gaming revenue generated for holders is converted into $TOPIA tokens, the currency of Hytopia. This approach directly ties the game's financial performance to holder rewards.

  3. Transparency in Financials:

    • We're committed to clear communication about our finances. Monthly updates will provide insights into the revenue amounts and the conversion process into $TOPIA, ensuring holders are well-informed about the value distribution.

  4. Equal Distribution of $TOPIA:

    • Every month, $TOPIA tokens are airdropped evenly among all NFT holders. This ensures that every holder, regardless of their NFT's rarity, benefits equally from the platform's success.


  • Eligibility: Hold a Topian NFT, and you're set to receive a share of monthly $TOPIA from our revenue streams.

  • Equality: Our airdrop system treats every NFT holder equally, showing our commitment to a fair community.

  • Participation: Beyond the financial incentive, the airdrop aims to foster a more engaged and interactive community, aligning individual success with the project's growth.

This airdrop process outlines our community-first approach, ensuring that the growth and success of the project are shared and enjoyed by all holders.

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