🗺️Roadmap: Phase 1

Initial Development (10% Mint)

Once we hit 10% of our project mint, Star Creations will start developing our first educational game on a Minecraft server. This game will blend gaming with earning, aiming to build a wide community of engaged players beyond the Hytopia ecosystem, expanding the earning potential for our holders.

Marketing and Engagement

As we develop the game, we'll begin marketing efforts and build anticipation. We'll collaborate with popular Minecraft gamers on YouTube and Twitch to showcase the game before its official launch.

Additionally, we'll establish our own YouTube channel and social media presence to feature gameplay, keep our community informed, and attract new players into the ecosystem.

Official Game Launch

After successful testing, we'll launch the game. Our focus will then shift to growing the community and improving the game based on player feedback to keep the experience engaging and rewarding.

Community Governance

We'll direct any revenue from our social content into a community wallet. This will allow NFT holders to vote on key decisions like reinvestment opportunities and partnerships, emphasizing the importance of governance in the project.


We plan to expand our project by developing three games based on the themes of high school, university, and the workplace. This expansion will use the successful model of our first game to increase engagement and revenue opportunities for our NFT holders.

During Phase 1, we focus on building a community and leveraging Web2 earning functions right from the start, while simultaneously developing our Web3 Hytopia experience.

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