🗺️Roadmap: Phase 2

Phase 2 marks the development of our virtual campus, built on Hytopia. The experience is subject to the final functionality of Hytopia, but the current plan for the experience is as follows:

  • Orientation: Get started with a practical guide to campus life. Get familiar with navigating the virtual map, understanding the range of schools or faculties, and mastering the course and quiz systems. The campus store is also open, offering a variety of in-game items and Hychain NFTs.

  • Classroom Integration: Our quests are directly integrated into virtual classrooms, combining education with an interactive, gaming-like environment for an engaging learning experience.

  • In-Game Educational Quests: Embark on quests such as developing a product from scratch, such as producing and selling milk. This involves acquiring land, managing livestock, hiring staff, finding buyers, and optimizing production. Throughout these quests, earn $TOPIA by mastering agricultural economics.

  • In-game Economy: Spend the $TOPIA you've earned on in-game items. Whether it's wearables for your avatar or tools for quests, the campus store has a range of options to enhance your in-game experience.

  • Accolade System: Progress in your courses is recognized with accolades, which are essentially NFTs on the Hychain network. The more you learn and accomplish, the more accolades you collect.

  • Rank and Access: Your accolades aren't just for show – they determine your rank in our Discord channels. Higher ranks mean access to premium community spaces and interactions with creators.

  • Auditorium Events: The auditorium is your go-to spot for webinars, live shows, and other interactive events. It's a place to engage with content, community members, and special guests, adding variety to your campus life.

The earning mechanisms and community initiatives established in Phase 1 will continue unchanged. Our dual-layer strategy underlines our dedication to offering an experience that not only attracts the broader Web2 gaming audience but also progresses into the Web3 space.

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