Our Contracts

The smart contracts we have implemented have been thoroughly reviewed and audited by 0xmacro.com, in collaboration with Thirdweb. Known for their detailed and professional approach, 0xmacro.com specializes in ensuring the utmost security and functionality in smart contracts. Their comprehensive audit process involved a deep dive into the source code of our contracts, focusing on reinforcing their security and ensuring peak operational efficiency.

Furthermore, our smart contracts align with the key Ethereum standards, including ERC-721, ERC-1155, and ERC-20, which are essential in the Ethereum ecosystem for a wide array of applications. This adherence to these well-established standards underscores our commitment to maintaining high-quality, secure, and compatible smart contract solutions.

Our Commitment

We understand the critical importance of secure and efficient contracts in this ever-moving space and are dedicated to maintaining the trust and safety of our users.

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