🎟️Our NFTs

Our roadmap currently includes two distinct types of NFTs:

  1. ETH NFTs (Genesis NFTs):

    • These NFTs are issued to the foundational membership of our project. Holders of Genesis NFTs gain lifetime earning potential and exclusive access to premium features, reflecting their early commitment and support of our project.

  2. HYCHAIN NFTs (Accolade NFTs):

    • Accolade NFTs are awarded for active participation and achievement within our ecosystem. These NFTs serve as credentials for your accomplishments. In addition to representing achievement, they provide benefits and recognition within our Discord channels, and enhance the holder's status within the 'We Are Topians' community.

    • Further details on Hychain NFTs will be shared as we finalize the features and functionalities of Hytopia.

Please keep in mind that as our roadmap unfolds and our project evolves, the types and functions of NFTs in our ecosystem may expand or adapt to better serve the needs and preferences of our community.

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