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Welcome to our project! We'd like to share a bit about ourselves and our direction. We're two brothers, each with nearly a decade of experience in marketing operations and data analytics. We have collectively built several successful businesses IRL.

Our obsession in the world of crypto and NFTs is driven by the impact it's already had on our own lives, those in our community, and the untapped potential the space continues to uncover.

As the founders of KiwiLabs and the team leads of We Are Topians, we initially planned to launch our project in 2022. The decision to pause turned out to be for the best. We've had time to observe market trends, identify effective strategies from the not-so-effective, and evaluate the real-world impact of various projects, especially in the face of market volatility.

Our cause is simple but ambitious: we're going beyond just hype by introducing a genuinely impactful use case for NFTs by combining real-world upskilling with the opportunity to earn in the crypto world.

We're excited about the potential of our project and look forward to collaborating with you.

See you on campus.

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